Wear Kapampangan Photoshoot

I am no supermodel but I was lucky enough to join the Pampanga Bloggers photoshoot before the start of the Pampanga Food Tour 2015. I mentioned about the said event on my last blog post. We got a sponsor for our clothing from a brand named WEAR KAPAMPANGAN. It is a clothing company that emerged from Pampanga that sells clothes that have Kapampangan quotations and sayings in front of their tees. WEAR KAPAMPANGAN is an Indie clothing line aimed to promote the beauty of the Kapampangan language through graphic designed T-shirts and Print media.


Pampanga Bloggers – Marrient. Donna, Will, Me and Armela

All bloggers who attended the Pampanga Restaurant Food Tour event received a tee from them. Pampanga Bloggers were the first batch to make the photoshoot and the Manila Bloggers took theirs the morning after.


The whole photoshoot was made possible by one of the country’s top blogger photographer, Mr. Rob Pinzon of palibut.com.

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